Since CMS has decided NOT to defer the bonds to address the critical needs of District One and other issues, I am NOT supporting the $290 million CMS Bond package. See the article for more reasons why, especially when the teachers need more money, instead of more brick and mortar. Ms. Lennon's rationale for supporting the bonds being b/c CMS stayed within the $290 million limit put forth by the County?? That's just a numbers game to find projects that added up to the $290 million! That's not being fiscally conservative... that's just working within the limits the County gave you. And, if JM Alexander is so "...dark, dingy and is not meeting the needs of the students," then why does Ms. Lennon think a completion date of FOUR YEARS into the future is acceptable for the JMA replacement school? Shouldn't we want that done sooner, if the conditions are so bad today?

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